Sermons from July 2014

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Water Walking Faith

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Mark 6:45-53 cf. Matthew 14:22-33 (text v. 31) Immediately after the miracle of feeding 5,000, Jesus constrains the disciples to get into their boat and go back to “the other side” of the sea o Galilee. This is their fourth trip across the Sea of Galilee within a few days (Mk. 4:35; 5:21; 6:32; 6:45). […]

Little is Much When God is In It

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Mark 6:30–44  [cf. Mt. 14:13–21; Luke 9:10–17; John 6:1–13] Only two miracles of Christ are recorded in all four gospel accounts: His resurrection and the feeding of the 5,000, thus showing it’s significance. ! It’s been a busy and tiresome day in the life of Christ. •In the first part of Mark 6 Jesus sent […]

Bildad, The Bonehead

Job Prayed

Job 8 In Job 8 Bildad takes his turn to bash Job further into the ground. [Being a “Shuhite” he was shorter than another small man in the Bible—Knee-High, my-ah.] Bildad’s counsel is not any better than Eliphaz, maybe worse. Bildad sticks the knife of criticism into Job and then twists it a little. Job […]

On The Other Side

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Mark 5:1–20 [cf. Mt. 8:28-34; Luke8:26-39] Last week’s sermon was about Jesus crossing to “the other side” of the Sea of Galilee (Mk. 4:35). Why did Jesus want to cross to “the other side?” To go for a boat ride? He knew there was a man on “the other side” who needed to be delivered […]

Following Jesus Through The Storm

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Life is full of storms—Physical storms (health, financial, relational) and spiritual storms. Spiritual storms are more difficult than physical storms. Physical storms can often be prepared for through forewarning. Spiritual storms come with no warning, leaving no time to prepare.