Sermons from August 2015

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Where Is Your Faith?


Luke 8:22-25 (text v. 25) I’m preaching a series of sermons from the Life of Jesus on “Questions Jesus Asks.” I say “asks” (present tense) instead of “asked” because these questions are as relevant today as they were when Jesus first asked them. They are questions we should ask ourselves today. BACKGROUND: Jesus proposes that […]

Woman Who Saved Christmas


Adult Bible Class lesson 2 Kings 11:1-3; 2 Chronicles 22:10-12 In 2 Kings 11 and 2 Chronicles 22 we see how close Satan came to wiping out the Messianic line. But God used a woman named Jehosheba to save the day! After Adam sinned, God stated three things in Genesis 3:15: He gave a PROMISE […]

Installation Service for Jeremy DeSpain

On August 2, 2015 Bible Baptist Church held an installation service to add Pastor Jeremy DeSpain to the Leadership Team. The attached PDF notes include the order of service and the vows between the church and Bro. DeSpain at this service. Ephesians 4:11-12 Paul wrote the church at Ephesus that God “gave gifts unto men” […]