Sermons from December 2015

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Do Ye Not Remember?


Mark 8:1-21 (text: vs. 17-18) The Bible records how Jesus miraculously fed the multitudes on two separate occasions (Mt. 14:15-20; 15:32-38; Mk. 6:35-44; 8:1-9). These two miracles occurred within the span of a few weeks or couple of months, at the most. It is amazing how soon the disciples forgot about the feeding of the […]

Emmanuel: God With Us


Matthew 1:18-23 Christmas is not about parties… family get-togethers… presents under a decorated tree. Christmas is about God and man. It is about salvation. The meaning of Christmas is summed up in one word—“Emmanuel” — “God with us.” Without “Emmanuel” all you have is another worthless worldly holiday. No one in the Bible actually called […]

Savior’s Drawing Power


Luke 2:7-16 For the next three weeks I will be preaching a series of messages centering around the birth of Christ. In this message we will consider “The Savior’s Drawing Power.” Throughout the earthly ministry of Christ, He always drew a crowd:multitudes flocked to Him. There is something about Jesus that attracts people to Him […]