Sermons from October 2016

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Whom Say Ye That I Am


“Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?” Jesus did NOT ask this question because He was insecure or having an identity crisis. He was not taking a poll to determine the effectiveness of His ministry. He already knew what people believed about Him.

Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

I. His Reputation Was Despised Read: Luke 19:2 A. A chief publican B. A rich person  II. His Reason Was Deliberate Read: Luke 19:3-4 A. To see Jesus B. To meet Jesus III. His Reception Was Delightful Read: Luke 19:5-7 A. Jesus pursued Zacchaeus B. Zacchaeus received Jesus  IV. His Riches Were Distributed Read: Luke 19:8-9 A. To the poor […]

Whether is Greater


Most modern ministers who only emphasize the positive aspects of Jesus’ teaching, avoid Matthew 23 like the plague. In Matthew 23, Christ
denounces the religious leaders of Israel as hypocrites for their outward show of religion, but had no inward heart for God. They failed to discern what is most important in their religious activities.