Sermons from November 2016

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Wonderful, Counselor


“WONDERFUL” – The PERSONALITY of Jesus “Wonderful”— Full of wonder. The Hebrew word indicates “something remarkable… marvelous… uncommon… out of the ordinary.” There is no situation where Jesus is not wonderful! He is altogether wonderful. There is nothing dull or boring about Jesus!!!

Thankful for the Way, Truth, and Life

This  message was developed by some time I spent responding to an argument that is broadcasted within the “interfaith” community. Their main problem with Christianity is that Christians claim Jesus of Nazareth is the only way to God. In contrast, they embrace many ways to God. They take a “buffet” approach to religion; take what […]



For 300 years scientists have debated whether light is particle or a wave. Today scientists conclude it is BOTH—even though they admit that is “impossible.” They call it a “wave” when it does what a wave is expected to do, and they call it a “particle” when it does what a particle is expected to do. According to all the present evidence, light is not part particle and part wave, but it is ALL wave and ALL particle, ALL at the same time.

Lamb of God


It never occurred to John that Jesus would be rejected by Israel and be crucified. This explains why John later in prison had doubts and asked Jesus, “are you THE ONE we should look for another?”