Sermons from November 2017

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Last Adam


Unless there is the opportunity to do wrong, you cannot do right. Unless there is an opportunity to not love God, you cannot love God.

Corner, the Nail, the Bow


Partial outline: FULL PDF HERE Devotion from Men’s Breakfast today. Zechariah 10:4 There are many types of Christ in the Bible—The Passover Lamb; the Noah’s ark; manna in the wilderness; the tabernacle; the brazen Serpent; Jonah in the whale, etc. In Zechariah 10:4 are three types of Christ. “Out of him” is the tribe of […]

My Servant


Knowing he was loved by His Father enabled Him to endure the rejection of men. His own were not delighted in Him, but He could go on in His service because He was assured of His Father’s love.