Luke 2:40-52 (text vs. 40–“…the child grew…” v. 43–“…the child Jesus…”)

The four Gospels do not give a full biography of Christ’s life (John 21:25). The Scripture passes over most of the formative years of Jesus’ childhood. We do read of…

  1. His dedication at the Temple shortly after His birth (Luke 2:21-24).
  2. The testimony of Simeon and Anna at the Temple (Luke 2:25-38).
  3. The visit by the wise men when He was about two years old (Mt. 2).
  4. He was taken to Egypt until the death of Herod, then returned to Nazareth (Mt. 2:23).

Once a year Joseph and Mary traveled Nazareth to Jerusalem for the Passover Feast (vs. 41-42). On this trip, they took Jesus, who was 12 years old.

I. The MISPLACING of Christ (vs. 43-45).

  1. The PEOPLE who lost Christ—Mary and Joseph—The people you would least expect to lose Christ.
    1. Mary and Joseph were normal parents. What happened to them, happens to many parents at some time or another— They lost track of their son.ILLUS: Losing Ruth (behind the pulpit) in Redmond.
    2. No Christian can lose Jesus during this dispensation of grace. But, there is a sense when a Christian may lose the fellowship of Christ. Joseph and Mary did not lose their RELATIONSHIP with Jesus (He was still their son), but they lost His FELLOWSHIP.
  2. The PROBLEM—They lost Him—He didn’t lose them. It was their problem, not Christ’s. It was their responsibility to know His whereabouts.Mary’s complaint (v. 48) is like many when they lose touch with the Lord—They try to blame God for any distress in their lives.
  3. The POINT in time (v. 44). They lost Him in one day. You can do something in one day for which you will reap the consequences the rest of your life (David and Bathsheba).
  1. The PRESUMPTION (v. 44). They lost Him and didn’t even know it. They assumed Jesus was with them. They had already traveled one day’s journey before they realized they lost His presence.Mary to Joseph: “Where is Jesus?”
    Joseph to Mary: “I don’t know… I thought He was with you.”Samson presumed God was with him when He was not (Judg. 16:20).Israel went up against the city of Ai presuming God was with them when He was not (Josh. 7).
  2. The PAIN (v. 48). Fear and sorrow. When a person is out of fellowship with the Lord, they lose the joy of their salvation and peace of God.
  3. The PLACE—Lost Christ at the house of God.

You don’t have to go to a tavern or casino to lose Christ’s fellowship—You can lose Him right here in church.

The Ephesians are an example (Rev. 2:1-5).

  7.  The Pursuing  (v. 48)—Why did it take THREE days to find Him?

  1. First, they looked in the wrong places (v.44).  If someone were looking for you, where would be the first place they would look? The mall? A friend’s house? A tavern? Church?
  2. They found Him where they left Him (vs.46).
  3. They found Him doing God’s will (v.49).

II. The MISSION of Christ (vs. 46-49).


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