John 5:1-9

Last week we saw Jesus at the Sea of Galilee. “After this,” Jesus walked from Galilee to attend a feast in Jerusalem (v. 1).

As we walk with Jesus through the pages of the Bible, every step He took was a step of mercy, grace, and truth. In today’s text, Jesus’ steps lead to the pool of Bethesda—Bethesda means “house of mercy.” “Bethesda Naval Hospital” is so named.

  • Visited this pool during a trip to Israel in 1987.
  • This miracle holds several lessons for us today.

I.  The WAITING crowd (vs. 1-3). Picture it—A pathetic scene.

A.  Sick folk laying around waiting for an angel to come stir the waters and hoping to be first to get into the pool to be healed.

1. Impotent–weak (without strength – Rom.5:8).

2. Blind–Can’t see. Blinded by Satan (2 Cor. 4:4)

3. Halt–lame/crippled (can’t walk)

4. Withered–useless limbs–morally wasted.

B.  The condition of this multitude is typical of many today — People hurting and in need of help. They are waiting for some kind of political or religious movement — What they really need is Jesus.

C.  Picture of all who need salvation in Christ.

II.   The WISHFUL chance (vs. 4).1 It is a fantastic scene.

1.    The DESIRE of the multitude — These desperate people at the pool were concerned about only ONE THING! It wasn’t politics,  business, money, or entertainment. It  was getting in the water before anyone else. Their eyes were glued on the water to move.

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