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Luke 7:1-10 (text: v. 9); cf. Mark 6:1-6

Jesus MARVELED (v. 9)! The word marveled means to “wonder”—to arrest one’s attention; to admire; to think incredible. Jesus was IMPRESSED!
Jesus only marveled on two occasions in the Bible. In this message we will examine each of these occasions.

I.  Jesus marveled at the GREAT FAITH of a Gentile centurion .

  • One thing that grabs our Lord’s attention is “great faith.” He admires it. No one will ever get to first base with the Lord without faith (Heb. 11:6).
  • Great faith” is attributed to only two people in the Bible—Both were Gentiles! Jesus performed 33 miracles recorded in Scripture, but only two were performed for Gentiles: (1) A Roman centurion; (2) A Canaanite woman (Mt. 15:22-28).

A. It’s RECEPTION— Where did this great faith come from? (v. 3— “he heard of Jesus!”).

  • If no one told him of Jesus, his servant would have died.
  • This is who people need to hear about! Faith comes by hearing (Rom. 10:17). But how are people going to hear of Jesus? Not from the news media, or our education system. They must hear from someone who is sent (Rom. 10:13-17).
  • This must be central in all we do—Tell people about Jesus!
  • How did you hear of Jesus? Aren’t you glad someone told you?

B.   It’s REQUEST (v. 3— “Beseeching…”)

C.   It’s  RESPECT.

D.   It’s REQUIREMENT (v. 6-7).
E.    It’s REASONING (vs. 7-8).
F.   It’s RARITY (v. 9).
G.  It’s RESULTS. (v. 10)




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