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Matthew 12:14-21 cf. Isaiah 42:1-4
Each of the names and titles of Christ teach us something about His character. In this message we will consider His title “MY SERVANT.”

➨Philippians 2:7 says Jesus took upon Himself “the form of a SERVANT.”

The title “servant” in the Bible is synonymous to that of a slave. If we wish to follow Christ and become more like Him, we must be willing to take one of the most undesirable positions in life—That of a slave.

A servant / slave had no life or rights of his own. A servant’s will is the will of the one he belongs to (“Not my will, but thine be done.”).

THE SETTING: Jesus had withdrawn to a remote area. The crowds soon heard where He was and flocked to Him. Jesus ministered to them and began to heal them. Then He told them not to make Him known.

➨Jesus said this to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 42:1-4.

I. The STRENGTH of His service

(v. 18—“…whom I have chosen…”).

His strength came by knowing 3 things…

A. He was APPOINTED by God—God chose Jesus.
B. He was APPROVED of God.
C. He was ANOINTED by God.

II. The SPIRIT of His service (Isa. 42:2-3).

3 characteristics of service:

Partial Outline: FULL PDF HERE

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