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Song of Solomon 2:1
The Lord Jesus Christ is the main character of the Bible. He is found in all 66 books. One of the names of Christ is “The Word of God.”

•Jesus is the living Word—The Bible is the written word.

•Jesus is the incarnate word—The Bible is the inspired Word.

•The Bible is God’s Word on paper—Jesus is God’s Word in person.

•The Bible is God’s Word in ink—Jesus is God’s Word in blood.

•The O.T. is the N.T. concealed / The N.T. is the O.T. revealed.
•The message of the O.T. is “somebody’s comin’. The N.T. conveys two messages: “Somebody has come” and “He’s coming again!”

There are many types of the Lord Jesus Christ in the O.T.—Noah’s Ark;  The Passover lamb; Manna from heaven; The brazen serpent lifted up.

Christ is also pictured as different plants. Isaiah 53:2 says of the Lord Jesus Christ: “He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground…” This “root out of a dry ground” would become “the branch of the Lord …. beautiful and glorious” (Isa. 4:2). In John 15, Jesus said He was “the true VINE.

Four ways “the rose of Sharon” pictures the Lord Jesus Christ:


A. ”THE rose”—not “a rose.” Ezekiel 34:29—“And I will raise up from them a plant of renown…”

B. One writer wrote: “If a king were set over flowers, it would be the rose that would reign over them, being the ornament of the earth, the splendor of plants, the eye of flowers, and the beauty of the field.”

Christ’s glory and beauty is His alone. Nothing compares (5:10; Ps. 45:2). He cannot be DUPLICATED—He can only be RADIATED.

II.  His STEM.

A. A rose stem is dry and ugly. How could anything beautiful come out of that? Because the beauty is not in the root system.
B. Christ’s Divine nature was concealed until He was manifest in the flesh.


It is the sweetest of all flowers. It’s fragrance is very sweet. 

Partial outline: FULL PDF HERE

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