Matthew 7:13-27

Christ sets forth Four Fearful Facts in Matthew 7.

  • Not everyone is going to be saved (v. 13). This passage denied universalism.
  • More people are going to hell than going to heaven (v. 14).
  • Many expecting to be in the kingdom will not (vs. 21-23).
  • No one can be saved after they die.

We will look at these disturbing truths under the heading of three sets of contrasts: (1) Two Ways; (2) Two Trees; (3) Two Builders.

I. Two Ways–A contrast of DESTINIES (vs. 13-14).
The way of life—the way of death (Jer. 21:8–Thus saith the LORD;

Behold, I set before you the way of life, and the way of death.)

A. The BROAD way.

1. Broad because it teaches all religions lead to God. Wide because there are no restrictions.

2. Destiny—Destruction/Hell(Prov.14:12).

3. Broad because most people are on this road. Why are more people on the broad way than the narrow way?

B. The NARROW way.

1. Comparatively few are genuinely saved(v.14).

2.  It is “narrow” because there is only ONE way to heaven— Through Jesus, the Door (John 10:9; 14:6).

II.       Two Trees–A contrast of DISCERNMENT (vs. 15-20).

Partial Sermon:  CLICK HERE for full Sermon

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