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Isaiah 27:8

Our text refers to “the day of the east wind.” “The east wind” was a very strong and scorching wind (Ezek. 17:10). The Bible always associates the east wind with hardship… tragedy… and adversity. The east wind is never referred to in a positive way.

An east wind destroyed the ears of corn in Egypt (Gen. 41:6).

An east wind brought the plague of locusts upon Egypt (Ex.10:13-14).

An east wind blew down the house of Job’s children, killing them (1:19 cf. Hos. 13:15).

God caused an east wind to wither Israel’s crops (Ezek. 17:10).

God destroyed the ships of Tarshish with an east wind (Ps. 48:7; Ezek. 27:25-26).

Jeremiah 18:17 says God will scatter His people with an east wind.

In Jonah 4:8 says, “God prepared a vehement EAST WIND” that caused Jonah to wish that he would die.

FIVE truths that should lead us to be thankful:

I. God is in CONTROL of the winds that blow into our lives.

II. God sends only ONE WIND at a time.

We can be THANKFUL that when we are chastened of the Lord, He always tempers His chastening with mercy.

III. Trials are TIMED according to the will of God.

Partial outline: FULL PDF HERE

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