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Ephesians 1:1-14 (text v. 6)

Ephesians chapter one is of the most complete references to all the blessings we have in Christ (v. 3). Notice these 7 blessings listed in verses 4-14.

1. Blessing of His choice—He chose me (1:4).

2. Blessing of Adoption (1:5). I’m His son.

3. Blessing of Acceptance (1:6).

4. Blessing of Redemption (1:7).

5. Blessing of Forgiveness (v. 7)

6. Blessing of an Inheritance (1:11-12).

7. Blessing of being Sealed (1:13-14).

Who is “the beloved?” It is the Lord Jesus Christ!

I. The AFFIRMATION of the name (Mt. 3:16-17).

This is what God says about Jesus—God said Christ is His “beloved Son.” It doesn’t matter what anyone else says about Jesus! God has spoken!

II The AFFECTION in the name (Mt. 3:17).

“Beloved” is one of the more blessed titles of the Lord Jesus.

God’s love for His Son is a love beyond any human comprehension. Jesus is God’s “beloved Son”—No love is so great. Jesus is “the beloved” One of all.

III. The ABIDING of the name.


Partial outline: FULL PDF HERE

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