Mark 12:41-44widow giving

This is a touching story took place during Christ’s final visit to the Temple before His crucifixion.

The scene involves:

  • A destitute and simple LADY.
  • A demonstration of sacrificial LOVE.
  • A delighted and smiling LORD.

During Jesus’ visit to the Temple He was asked four questions leading up to the incident involving the offering of this poor widow.

  • A question of AUTHORITY(11:27-28). Authority is the main issue.

Three issues of philosophy: (1) Where did I come from? (2) Why am I here? (3) Where am I going?

But the real issue of philosophy is AUTHORITY. These questions require an authority to be answered. The answers depend upon what authority is speaking.

  • Question of CIVICS (12:14).
  • Question of SOCIOLOGY (12:19-23). Two big mistakes: (1) Ignorance of the Bible; (2) No power of God
  • Question of THEOLOGY (12:28-34). This is where all questions must ultimately lead.

v. 31—One of the greatest missions texts in the Bible

Following all the argument in the Court of the Gentiles, Jesus walked by the Temple treasury.

I.  Where Jesus SAT (v. 41—”Jesus sat over against the treasury.”).

According to some Bible historians there were 13 funnel shaped receptacles at the treasury for people to give their offerings. Each receptacle was marked where the offering would go—Five designated for the Lord; Four designated for the poor.

Jesus is still just as interested in the treasury of the church as He was in the treasury of the temple. 



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