Sermons by Pastor Al Hughes

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Trained at Midwestern Baptist College, Dr Hughes moved his family to the Pacific NW after his graduation in 1974. Having started two churches before God called him to Port Orchard in 1986, Pastor Hughes has great ministry experience to communicate. His in-depth teaching is a hallmark of his ministry of the Word.

Because He Lives

No religion has been persecuted more than Christianity. Yet it has not only survived—it has thrived! How could a religion founded by a Jewish carpenter continue to influence multitudes over the centuries? There is only one answer—This Jewish carpenter named Jesus is the Son of God.

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Child Dedication

We believe the future of success of Bible Baptist Church is in our children. Therefore, it is vitally important that we parents recognize our responsibility to dedicate our children unto the Lord.

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Learning to Be Content


Partial outline: FULL PDF HERE Philippians 4:8-13 Paul wrote Philippians about 30 years after he was saved. As we study the life of the Apostle Paul, we see he never reached the point where he thought he arrived (Phil. 3:12-14). He was always learning and growing in his walk with the Lord. Here I am […]

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