Sermons by Pastor Al Hughes

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Trained at Midwestern Baptist College, Dr Hughes moved his family to the Pacific NW after his graduation in 1974. Having started two churches before God called him to Port Orchard in 1986, Pastor Hughes has great ministry experience to communicate. His in-depth teaching is a hallmark of his ministry of the Word.

What Went Ye Out For to See


Jesus asked three times, “What went ye out for to see?” “For to see” is old English meaning, “For what purpose did you go into the wilderness?” The question refers to their motives—“Why did you go into the wilderness to hear John?”

This is a good question for us to consider. “What went ye out for to see?” Why are you here today? God is more interested why you came to church today, than the fact you are sitting here. God is concerned more about the AIM in you coming than the ACT of you coming to church.

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Job’s Confession


Partial Outline: FULL PDF HERE Job 42:1-6 If the book of Job were written by a man, instead of by divine inspiration, man would have concluded the book with God explaining to Job why he suffered. But that is not the main issue of the book. The purpose of the Book of Job was two- fold: (1) To […]

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Why Callest Thou Me Good?

A certain rich young ruler came to Jesus and asked, “Good Master, what shall I do, that I may inherit eternal life?” To his credit, he realized three things every person needs to face sooner or later.

1. Death is not the end. After death is the judgment.

2. Eternal life is something you have or don’t have (1 John 5:12).

3. Eternal life must be acquired before you die.

Jesus responded to his question with another question, “Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is God.” Strange response. Let’s consider Christ’s question to this young man.

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