The order of faith in Hebrews eleven teaches us a valuable lesson. Bullinger notes the significant connection of faith that exists between the first three persons of faith:

Noah follows Enoch, not merely Historically and Chronologically, but because the special aspect of his faith follows, Experimentally, the aspects of faith exhibited by Abel and Enoch. We have seen in the former tow that there can be no walk with God (as with Enoch), until there is peace with God (as with Abel); and Noah’s faith goes on to tell us that there can be no witness for God, until there is a walk with God. In other words Agreement with God must precede a walk with God (Amos 3:3); and our walk with God must precede our witness for God.[1]

The witness of Noah came at a time of immense spiritual wickedness. The days were filled with heightened evil. God’s execution of judgment was at hand. Noah was one of only eight people saved from the flood waters.[2] Noah believed the divine instruction of the Lord by faith.

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[1] E.W. Bullinger. Great Cloud of Witnesses in Hebrews Eleven. (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregal, 1979), 108.

[2] 1 Peter 3:20, 2 Peter 2:5.


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