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Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

I. His Reputation Was Despised Read: Luke 19:2 A. A chief publican B. A rich person  II. His Reason Was Deliberate Read: Luke 19:3-4 A. To see Jesus B. To meet Jesus III. His Reception Was Delightful Read: Luke 19:5-7 A. Jesus pursued Zacchaeus B. Zacchaeus received Jesus  IV. His Riches Were Distributed Read: Luke 19:8-9 A. To the poor […]

Whether is Greater

More about Jesus- 3 pic combo

Most modern ministers who only emphasize the positive aspects of Jesus’ teaching, avoid Matthew 23 like the plague. In Matthew 23, Christ
denounces the religious leaders of Israel as hypocrites for their outward show of religion, but had no inward heart for God. They failed to discern what is most important in their religious activities.

What Went Ye Out For to See


Jesus asked three times, “What went ye out for to see?” “For to see” is old English meaning, “For what purpose did you go into the wilderness?” The question refers to their motives—“Why did you go into the wilderness to hear John?”

This is a good question for us to consider. “What went ye out for to see?” Why are you here today? God is more interested why you came to church today, than the fact you are sitting here. God is concerned more about the AIM in you coming than the ACT of you coming to church.