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Jesus’ Teaching on Stewardship


Each of us are stewards since everything we have belongs to God (Ps. 24:1). You manage it, but you do not own it. Your responsibility is to use what God has entrusted to you so it will bring a profitable return. In turn, God will give a reward for your stewardship based your profitable use of what God entrusted to your care.

Beginning of Stewardship-Bible Study


Men’s Breakfast Study January 7, 2017 Stewardship is a theme repeated throughout the Bible. Stewardship is the profitable management of someone else’s property that has been entrusted to your care. PRINCIPLES OF STEWARDSHIP found in the Garden of Eden (Gen 2:4-9; 15-17). OWNERSHIP —Who owns what—who does it belong to? • God OWNED the garden […]

Alpha and Omega


Jesus identifies Himself as two letters in the Greek alphabet. What a profound statement of Christ’s eternal existence. Jesus Christ is the beginning and ending of all there is. He began all things and He will end all things. All things find their source, support, and end in Him.

EMMANUEL-God With Us 2016


No one actually called Jesus “Emmanuel” in the Bible. They called Him “Jesus,” because that is what His name says He came to do—Save His people from their sins. But He could not save anyone if He were not
“Emmanuel” — God with us!

Prince of Peace


The title, “Prince of Peace,” is related to the government of Christ—“the government shall be upon his shoulder… Of the increase of his government and PEACE there shall be no end…”

The Mighty God-Everlasting Father


Everything else in creation gets it’s strength from another source—Angels get their power from God. Animals get their strength from God. Man gets his strength from God (Acts 17:25). But Jesus needs nothing to make Him mighty. He is mighty in and by Himself.

Wonderful, Counselor


“WONDERFUL” – The PERSONALITY of Jesus “Wonderful”— Full of wonder. The Hebrew word indicates “something remarkable… marvelous… uncommon… out of the ordinary.” There is no situation where Jesus is not wonderful! He is altogether wonderful. There is nothing dull or boring about Jesus!!!