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Answering the Hard Question

INTRODUCTION Have you ever wondered why God chooses to do what He does? Do you find yourself asking yourself questions about the purposes of God? I certain everyone here has at one time or another. Christians are not the only people that have questions about God. For instance, some unbelievers ask questions like: Why would […]

A Mothers Request


As I read this text, I see “mother” written all over it. Here is a mother who comes to Jesus with a bold request (vs. 20-21). She asks nothing for herself. She only wants something for her two sons. This was just a mom being a mom!

I Am the Resurrection

Is there anybody here that wants to live forever? If you want eternal life, you gotta get it from Jesus! “This is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son” (1 John 5:11).

The Kindness of a King


INTRODUCTION Text: 2 Samuel 9:1-4 We are introduced to a man of Saul’s house, named Mephibosheth. (Say that ten times fast!) He was Jonathan’s son, making him Saul’s grandson. According to 2 Samuel 4:4, Mephibosheth was approximately five years old when Saul and Jonathan were slain in battle. Upon hearing the news of his father’s […]

I’m Going Home


INTRODUCTION Text: 2 Cor. Ch. 4 (Prayer) This week I was greatly encouraged and inspired by a newly released song entitled, “Home,” written by Jason Ingram, Chris Tomlin, Jonas Myrin, and Ed Cash. The lyrics hit me hard! They reminded me that life on this earth is temporal. Our worries, frustrations, pain, and suffering; they […]

Because He Lives

No religion has been persecuted more than Christianity. Yet it has not only survived—it has thrived! How could a religion founded by a Jewish carpenter continue to influence multitudes over the centuries? There is only one answer—This Jewish carpenter named Jesus is the Son of God.