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Which of You Shall Have A Friend

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Luke 11:1-8 [Question of True Friendship] This is a parable Jesus taught about prayer in answer to the disciples request in verse 1. We need to be taught to pray, because prayer isn’t natural. It is a supernatural act. The disciples are to be commended for wanting to learn more about prayer. Not many are […]

Conversion of a Working Mom

Acts 16:9-40 On this Mother’s Day we will look at a “working” Mom who got saved, named Lydia. She was the first convert in Europe—If you are of European descent, you owe a lot to Lydia! A very pretty name. But, how many women do you know named Lydia? Three significant conversions in Acts 16: Lydia […]

Which of You Convinceth me of Sin

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John 8:46 This question deals with “the sinlessness of Jesus.” By the sinlessness of Jesus we mean His absolute perfection… Holiness… and purity. The idea of a perfect and sinless man had never occurred to anyone— until Jesus came. It was a given that a sinless life was impossible because of man’s sin nature. The […]

What Wilt Thou

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Mark 10:32–52 (text: vs. 36, 51) Something we’ve learned by studying the questions Jesus asks is—Jesus never asks a question because He doesn’t know the answer. He asks questions to enlighten man’s mind to his spiritual condition and reveal what is in man. When asked a question, it forces you to think. Depending on the question, it may require […]

What Is That to Thee

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John 21:15-22 The scene is Jesus having breakfast with His disciples after His resurrection on the shore of Galilee. Jesus asks Peter three times, “Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me?” (John 21:15-17). Each time Peter affirms he loves the Lord. Jesus follows up Peter’s answer with instructions to care for His sheep and lambs. […]

Getting Totally Involved in Missions

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Mark 16:15 We hear of “missions-minded” churches that have a great mission’s program. Bible Baptist Church, does not HAVE a mission’s program—We ARE a mission’s program! Missions is our sole purpose for existence. Our example in missions is the Lord Jesus Christ, who came from heaven to planet earth to save us (John 3:16). His mission […]

A Missions Mindset

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Adult Bible Class lesson Rom. 1:10-17 God’s “heartbeat” is missions. God’s Son was a Missionary. The Bible is a record of missions—From the calling out of Abraham… the command to Israel to be a nation of priests and be a light to the Gentiles… to the commission of the church… to the 144,000 missionaries in […]

Why Weepest Thou? Who Seekest Thou?

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John 20:1-18 (text: v. 15) Mary Magdalene was the first person to visit Christ’s tomb after His resurrection. She was the first person to see Jesus after His resurrection (Mk. 16:9). The first words Jesus spoke after His resurrection were to a weeping woman—“Woman, why weepest Thou? Whom seekest thou?” Mary loved Jesus. Her life was […]