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Bible Version Checklist – legal paper 2 side


This is a very blessed title of Christ once a person understands what being a “surety” entails. In this message I want to deal with the WHAT, WHY, and WHO of our suretyship.

Christ our Advocate


Jesus Christ is the ACCEPTED One in God’s courtroom. He is the APPOINTED One to defend us. Therefore, He is the AUTHORIZED One. In legal terms, He has been “called to the bar.”

The Rock

A rock is unmovable—Christ is a fixed / settled rock— Unchanging (like the Rock of Gibraltar). “The Rock of Ages” — Always there, never removed from us.

Fathers: The Glory of Children


The glory of children is their fathers. (Eli was a failure as a father—His two sons had no respect (no glory for him). NOTE: Before you can teach a child, the child must respect you. To gain their respect you must CONTROL them