Scripture Reading

Proverbs 1:7, 8; 2:1-5

Lesson 2: The Fear of the Lord

News reports today include a litany of violence and mayhem. Soaring crime rates are no longer statistics that represent just the conditions of the inner city. Suburban and rural America, high school and college campuses, private homes and recreational areas have all felt the sting of crime. There is little fear of the Lord in society today.[1]

Questions for LifeGroup Leaders:


Note(s) to LifeGroup Leaders:

  • Please read most of the commentary to your LifeGroup. You may summarize it if necessary, but there is nothing wrong with reading it. If you are a husband and wife team leading, perhaps take turns reading to the group. There is valuable review of the Scripture passages and application for effective discussion. Use your LifeGroup members to read Scripture.
  • The “Making It Personal” section is not designed for group discussion. These are questions that you might use to conclude before prayer. They are questions that prompt personal conviction and application. Please use them at your discretion to help your group.



[1] Walking Wisely in a Foolish World: Proverbs. (Schaumburg, IL: Regular Baptist Press, 2013), 10.

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